Jump Starting Your Podcast Business

If you have a podcast business, want a podcast business, need a podcast business, or just don’t know what the heck you’re doing, congratulations! You have come to the right place! I’m going to give you some tips on how you can grow your audience, strengthen your business, and make some money.

Have A Clear Vision, and Write It Down

That’s a good start Ashley, but you’re gonna have to be more specific.

That’s a good start Ashley, but you’re gonna have to be more specific.


I hate being the guy to give you the most generic advice in the world like: “Write it down,” but things become generic for a reason. This has been drilled into everyone’s heads so much because it’s vital to growing a business. Start with a mission statement. Figure out what kind of value your business is providing to your customers, and the easiest way you can provide that to them.

Go into detail with your vision. What are your: 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year goals? Be realistic. Can you scale your business to accommodate these goals? What kinds of things need to happen for that to work?

This resource was very useful in getting our business going, and I recommend you use it for yours.

This resource was very useful in getting our business going, and I recommend you use it for yours.

Take advantage of the resources at SCORE. You can download a deluxe business startup template for FREE and get your business rolling. There are tons of free workshops, classes, mentors, and helpful documents available. I cannot recommend this resource enough.

Learn SEO to Bring in Traffic


Search engine optimization is quite the rabbit-hole of content. There are many different techniques for driving traffic. If the rest of the blogs I write until the day I die are about SEO, I might barely put a dent in the topic. I’m a beginner, so I’ll post some good resources to tap into, but you have to get motivated to figure out the rest. First up, a young chap named Joppe spells out some very basic SEO concepts in this video:


Second off, this bald guy gives you some helpful tips for finding the right keywords by using your competitors and free Google tools. He basically gives you a crash course on how to effectively drive traffic to your website as a beginner. Thanks, bald guy!


Make It Easy To Share Content

One of my favorite strategies beside SEO for bringing people to your website is content sharing. Affiliating yourself with people who have clout is one great way to drive traffic, but a more efficient method is to get people to share your content on their own. When you start bringing guests on air with your podcast, they will be personally vested in the product and share it on their own. Take it a step further with the following: add Tweetables to your blog posts, use infographics, use “Round Ups” (compilations of related info from experts on topics of interest) and “Listicles” (Top 10 Ways to do X), write strong headlines, and tread lightly with “click-baity” titles. You can read more into detail about these techniques on this super helpful blog about marketing and commerce.

Be Dependable and
Build a Community


I stumbled across a Patreon article that talks about a man named William “Suede” DuFresne who now makes over 3k a month online with Pokemon review videos. What interests me is that he did so with less than 10K subscribers. The article contains testimonials from his supporters who provide details on why exactly they feel comfortable giving him money on a regular basis. Turns out: being personable with your audience and consistently releasing quality content on a predictable basis are key ingredients to getting paid by your audience.

Other Helpful Resources

YouTube Academy has tons of tutorials and lessons posted about how to increase traffic, produce audio and video, make money with YouTube, and monetize your work in general.

Here’s an interesting article about podcast monetization and listener / advertiser demographics.

Lastly, if you’re just starting out and have a really tight budget, podbean.com is a website that lets host your podcast for free. That said, we here at Podsworth highly recommend paying for their Unlimited Plus plan ($29/month) or LibSyn’s Advanced 400 plan ($20/month), if you’re looking to monetize your podcast (because you’ll need the advanced statistics those plans offer).

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A haircut is worth a thousand words…

A haircut is worth a thousand words…


Austin Kirk is a US Air Force veteran and an audio production graduate from the Art Institute of Austin. He spent his teenage years overseas in Japan and now works as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Podsworth Media. His love for audio has driven him to produce music for many local artists in the Austin, TX area, including his own band, MACRO.


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