& Values

The Birth of Podsworth


Who are we?

Established in 2019, Podsworth Media is a podcast production and distribution company that is a subsidiary of Chris Williams Audio, founded in Austin, TX in 2015. Over the first few years of running his original company, Chris realized the need to launch a separate company specifically focused on podcast production and distribution.

Since Day One, Podsworth’s focus has always been to empower the podcasting community. High production value, consistent release schedules, and modern multi-platform distribution are essential for podcasts to engage, maintain, and grow their audiences. Thus, Podsworth Media strives to provide podcasters the highest audio quality and quickest turnaround times possible, given their varying and unique situations.



Your podcast is a priority for Podsworth Media. We ensure that all our technicians are competent, dependable, and accountable. Without podcasters like you, Podsworth would not exist. Your needs come first.


We give 100% every day at Podsworth Media. An integral part of our company culture is staying focused on results and solutions. We strive to view all “problems” as challenges and learning experiences.


Teamwork & leadership

No one gets left in the dark. Effective communication at all levels of our company fosters a culture of success. We utilize proven and effective leadership techniques to empower our staff with the tools, training, and mentorship necessary to grow and succeed.


Creative problem solving pushes our company forward. Staying creative and innovative as a company—and individually—keeps us continually growing and improving. This attitude brings our team together while also fostering individual creative endeavors outside the company.



A Workplace Culture That Breeds Success

Meritocracy (merit, from Latin mereō, and -cracy, from
Ancient Greek κράτος kratos "strength, power")

Meritocracy is the foundation of our workforce at Podsworth Media. Advancement in our company is strictly based on the competence, consistency, and self-improvement demonstrated by members of our team.